20 Years Serving our Central Florida Customers


A large customer of Network Twenty-One, with millions of dollars, of work over the years, Network Twenty-One has been instrumental in making Level 3 and recognized name in Tampa Bay. Now Called Century Link, Network Twenty-One Continues to provide support whenever needed by this cutting edge Network Leader.  


Our largest customer, Network Twenty-One in Tampa provides services to T-Mobile cell towers from Tampa to Daytona beach on a daily basis, in addition to the installations in Tampa we regularly perform.


Formerly FDN Communications, then NuVox. The 900 Suite of 655 Franklin St now belongs to Windstream. 

WOW - Wild Open West

Do you know who Wild Open West relies on for their high quality single and multi-mode fibers. Your right Network Twenty-One Inc. 


Cable TV in Tampa, yea we do that! Network Twenty-One has provided network equipment installations for these companies since it's inception.

Verizon Wireless

While Verizon may have sold their FIOS and land line services, did you notice they kept their wireless services. Can you guess who provides services for them as well? Network Twenty-One but I bet you knew that.