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Network Twenty One Inc. offers a full range of telecommunications services. Whether you need a team of experienced installers, or just consultation on SONET Rings, D.C. Power, DACS, Superstructure, or any other equipment related questions, we can help find the solution that is right for you.

Our Services

Cell Site Maintenance, Radio equipment installations, Fiber optic equipment  installations, Battery testing and Maintenance, Network troubleshooting, and repair. Central office/Data Center installations, Superstructure construction, raised floor to suspended threaded rod and everything in between. 

Senior Technicians

Ryne Faurote - Senior Tech (Cell Sites)

Scott Clark - Senior Tech (Network)

Lead Technicians Installations

Wilbur Simpson - Lead Technician

Brian Snyder - Lead Technician

Experienced Technicians

Ian Faurote

Kennith Hill

Douglas Cass


Carolyn Riggs - CEO/Owner

Cecil G. Riggs - President

Angie Turner - Executive Assistant/Accountant

Keith Holmes - Operations Manager

Donald Colt  - Installations Coordinator