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Network Twenty One History

Company History

Founded in Tampa, Fl. 1998 Network Twenty One Inc. is a woman owned small business. Originally conceived as a support installation team, Network Twenty One has evolved into a full fledged telecommunications solution provider, specializing in emerging technologies. 

Local Community

Network Twenty One  Inc. has been a direct contributor to the successful development of numerous service providers in the Tampa Bay area. Examples: Time Warner, T-Mobile, Level3, Embarq, Brighthouse, Cogent, Verizon Business, Toll Grade, Tele Tech, FDN.

Capability Statement

Network Twenty One Inc. offers a full range of telecommunications services. Whether you need advice or consulting on SONET Rings, D.C. Power, DACS, Superstructure, or any other related equipment we can help find the solution that is right for you.


Here are just some of the manufacturers equipment and technologies we regularly install:








ADM, ATM, 3G, 4G, Ethernet, VOIP, 

DWDM, WiFi, Frame Relay, and more...


  • Super Structure
  • Installation, Turn-up, testing, and troubleshooting of Optical Networking Equipment
  • Installation, Termination, and Testing of fiber jumpers.
  • Installation Termination and Testing of DS3 cables.
  • -48 Volt Power equipment installations. (Fuse Panels, BDCBB, Rectifier Bays, Battery Strings, Midtronics testing)
  • Bonding and grounding, C-Tap, H-Tap, compression Lugs l 

What makes Network Twenty One Inc different?

Customers have questions, we have answers. We position seasoned professionals on projects and promptly meet delivery dates. Customer satisfaction is our main concern.